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Japan Fashion Association

Promoting the Creation of an Affluent Lifestyle Culture
We believe that the concept of fashion does not only refer to clothing but also encompasses a comprehensive set of values that form our overall lifestyle culture including such aspects as food, housing and services. We consider it our mission, therefore, to help people achieve a level of social affluence that is commensurate to their economic strength.

Historically, Japan has exhibited an originality unmatched by any other country. We Japanese have in the past expressed the strengths and differences of our society while fostering a spiritual climate that lies at the very heart of our lifestyle culture. We have also developed creative activities that are delicate, gorgeous and well-balanced, placing Japan, artistically, on par with any country in the world.

As we enter the 21st century, we are seeking a new sense of value and pattern of behavior while striving to achieve genuine affluence. We believe that it is exactly at such a time that we need to create an affluent lifestyle culture by returning to the well-spring of Japan’s original cultural identity that is indelibly written in our DNA. We will, therefore, promote a series of activities to achieve this end.

Overview of the Association

Name Japan Fashion Association
Establishment April 4, 1990
Objective To create a better life culture and to contrib
ute to the development of life-style related in
dustries overall
Number of



243 companies and organizations
Address Jinbocho Suga Bld.7F, 1-5-1, Jinbocho,

Kanda,Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan 101-0051

Tel +81-3-3295-1311
Fax +81-3-3295-3295
URL http://www.japanfashion.or.jp
Number of


30 (including temporary and contract employ
ees) Directors
Chairman Akira Baba(Honorary Chairman, Onward Kash
iyama Co., Ltd.)
Vice Chairmen Katsuhiko Hirai (Senior Adviser, Toray Industr
ies, Inc.), Shigeo Hatasaki (Chairman, World,
Co., Ltd.), Morio Ikeda (Chairman, Shiseido C
ol., Ltd.), Katsuhiko Furuya (Chairman, Matsu
ya Co., Ltd.), Kunihiko Okada (Chairman, Mats
uzakaya Co., Ltd.), Satoshi Uematsu (Presiden
t, Japan/Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and In
President Hideaki Tsubota


Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Akira Baba


Jimbocho Sta. 3 mins walk, Ochanomizu Sta. 10 mins walk

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